A Historic Building in Wilder

In 1888 a group of citizens in the growing village of Olcott, Vermont gathered and wrote a charter establishing a congregation. Charles T. Wilder and his brother Herbert were involved with the congregation, and are believed to have given much of the money necessary for the construction of the building.

The commission to build the church went to S.S. Ordway & Co., the industrial contractor that built the Wilder Mill. The building is believed to have been copied from a previously existing church in Minnesota, and exhibits both Queen Anne and Stick Style architecture.

The church was dedicated on June 13, 1890 as “The United Church of Christ in Olcott.” It was renamed “The First Congregational Church of Wilder” when Olcott Falls became the Village of Wilder in 1897. The “Assembly of God” purchased the building in 1972 and conducted services there until 2008.

The building evolved throughout its 120-year history, undergoing a number of paint schemes and adding features as the congregation could afford them. Two of the most prominent features of the building today were added to the original structure. The George Stevens pipe organ arrived in 1901, and the Seth Thomas tower clock was added in 1928.

After the Assembly of God discontinued services in 2008, the building fell into serious disrepair, with significant structural issues and water leakage threatening the future of the Village landmark. Lyme Properties purchased the building in the summer of 2009 and the building underwent a full Restoration, completed in 2010.

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