Ringing On The Hour Since 1890

The Wilder Center’s tower bell was made by the Meneely Bell Foundry in West Troy, New York in 1890 and was part of the original building. Connected to the Seth Thomas tower clock, the bell is set up to toll every hour on the hour.  It can also be rung manually, and was formerly used to call the village to church services and to mark special occasions.

Andrew Meneely started the Meneely Bell Foundry in 1834, and the bells were well known for their “beauty of tone.” The Meneely Bell Foundry supplied the replacement bell for Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, which originally held the Liberty Bell. Dan Meneely, a descendent of the Meneely family, maintains a Meneely Bell History of the Meneely Bell Company’s rich history.

The Historical Marker Database also has a concise history of the Meneely Bell Foundry available History of Meneely.

This old footage from the Meneely Foundry shows the bell making process:

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