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The Architectural Origins of the Wilder Center

April 14, 2011  |  by Wilder Center  |  0 Comments
Tags: history

The Wilder Center has been an iconic landmark in the village of Wilder since its construction in 1890, but it wasn't until recently that we discovered the architectural history of the building.

An Exciting Discovery About the George Stevens Pipe Organ

April 13, 2011  |  by Wilder Center  |  1 Comments

A recent trip to the Wellesley, Massachusetts Free Library helped us fill in a missing chapter of the Organ's history, and shed some additional light on Mr. Charles T. Wilder's involvement with the Congregational Church.

Wilder Center Nominated for National Historic Preservation Award

April 2, 2011  |  by Wilder Center  |  0 Comments

Lyme Properties was humbled and honored to be nominated recently for a National Trust for Historic Preservation Award by the Preservation Trust for Vermont.

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