Stunning Audio-Visual Capabilities

Wilder Center is equipped with a state-of-the-art audio/visual system in the Auditorium and Multipurpose Room. Whether you want to include a multimedia presentation as part of a meeting, screen a movie, or watch the big game, Wilder Center has the technology to make it happen.

High-definition video and surround-sound audio make any presentation come to life, and our in-house system has the capacity for easy audio and video recording. Create a professional-quality MP3 or video of your wedding or meeting, or even record a full CD of your musical performance.

Large events benefit from the ability to simulcast videos to both the Auditorium and Multipurpose Room, and a speaker in the lobby connects all the guests to the main event.

Auditorium Capabilities

  • 16x9-foot projection screen with high-definition projector for a movie theater quality picture
  • 4 digital speakers deliver high-quality audio, with a 5th speaker for the Lobby
  • 32 channel mixer and soundboard for audio recording
  • Blu-ray DVD player (also plays standard DVDs and CDs)
  • Front and rear PC hookup to projector through standard VGA connector
  • An array of microphones including two wired mics, two condenser mics, a wireless handheld mic, and a lavalier mic
  • Two monitor speakers allow for a variety of amplification and recording options

Multipurpose Room Capabilities

  • A 60-inch high-definition plasma television.
  • Blu-ray DVD player (also plays standard DVDs and CDs)
  • PC hookup to television through standard VGA connector
  • Ability to simulcast DVDs on both upstairs and downstairs systems.

Audience Polling System

Lyme Properties uses an audience participation technology that allows meeting attendees to vote using a personal keypad, with results being shown instantaneously. This system, which was used during the Neighborhood Planning Process for Wilder Center, is available for rent for business meetings, corporate retreats, or community meetings.

Wilder Center does not provide a computer for presentations, so please bring your own laptop and check with us to make sure that you have the appropriate connector.

Technical Specifications

Detailed information about our audio-visual system to ensure you know what is available, and what to bring: Download A-V Specs PDF

Talk to one of our coordinators about renting the Wilder Center for your next event.

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A-V Rental Fees

The Wilder Center A/V system is available only with correct supervision, and additional fees may be required.

Recording Specialist

Wilder Center contracts with a local videographer and audio technician who is available to film and record your events. Contact Us to learn more.

Modern Amenities

Wilder Center is fully climate controlled and ADA accessible, ensuring that all of your guests are comfortable.

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