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Can I have alcoholic beverages at my event?

Yes, but please note that in accordance with Vermont law, only a Vermont-licensed and insured caterer may serve the alcohol during an event.  Alcoholic beverages must remain within your function parameters and cannot be brought in or removed from the property.

Can I arrange for a tour of the Wilder Center?

Yes, please contact us and we will be happy to set up a time for tours.

What is the maximum capacity of Wilder Center?

Wilder Center can accommodate up to 205 people, but the capacity depends on the space(s) and configuration(s) used. Please visit our Configurations pages to learn more.

Can I use the Kitchen at Wilder Center for my event?

Yes, all rentals include access to the kitchen. Basic cleanup is required as part of the rental agreement.

Does the rental rate include time for set up?

Wilder Center will pre-set our tables and chairs in your desired configuration before your rental start time.  However, if your event requires catering or extensive decorating, please consider renting the Center for additional hours or for the entire day.

Is a damages deposit required?

Yes, Wilder Center requires a fully-refundable $200 Damages Deposit.  A separate check is encouraged so that we may tear up the check or return it to you immediately after your successful event.

Does Wilder Center provide table linens?

No, but we are happy to work with you and a local catering company where you can rent the linens of your choice.

How many parking spaces are on-site at Wilder Center?

Wilder Center has 17 on-site parking spaces and on-street parking is allowed in the neighborhood.  Please encourage your guests to carpool or to use Advance Transit during the weekdays. Additional information can be found on our Location page.

Will a Wilder Center manager be onsite during my event?

Yes, a staff member will be onsite throughout your event to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Can I plug my iPod into the Wilder Center sound system?

Of course, that's easy!  Please be sure to let us know your audiovisual needs before your event, as some audiovisual equipment requires advance configuration.  

Is Wilder Center ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Accessible?

Yes, the renovated building is fully ADA compliant and includes a new wheelchair lift to provide access to every floor.

Is Wilder Center air-conditioned?

Yes, Wilder Center has been retrofitted with a modern Air Conditioning system that ensures the building is comfortable year-round.

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